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We are excited to welcome our new Board Member 
Phil S Dixon

New board member Phil S Dixon

Phil S. Dixon is a road warrior, a veracious interviewer, a tireless researcher and writer who has interviewed over 500 players, wives and their offspring for a unique perspective of the American and Negro League baseball experience, works for which he won a SABR MacMillan Award (Society of American Baseball Researchers) for his excellence in historical research. He is best known for his 7 non-fiction books which includes “The Negro Baseball Leagues A Photographs History, 1867-1955,” a Casey Award winner as the best baseball book of the year in 1992.

He is a proud member of SABR, the Missouri Writers Guild, the IBWAA (Internet Baseball Writers Association of America) and serves on the National Advisory Board for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. His work has been praised by a range of luminaries from Fay Vincent “Baseball Commissioner” to Stephen Jay Gould the famous “American Paleontologist.”  Dixon is a Humanities Kansas presenter and a past Missouri Humanities speaker.  Dixon’s most resent adventure was presenting in over 200 American cities and internationally into Canada with a presentation titled the “Kansas City Monarchs In Our Hometown,” in an effort to improve race relations. In true barnstorming fashion, he drove the entire route that covered 17 states and over 75,000 miles.  His presentations and books are a fluid mix for those who enjoy professional journalism that is both humorous and insightful.  Phil’s motto is “why bore your audiences and readers with sabermetrics when a touch of humor and non-sports history will suffice.”

Baseball’s quintessential barnstormer is a designation he embraces.  His latest release, “The Dizzy and Daffy Dean Barnstorming Tour; Race, Media and America’s National Pastime,” continues that tradition.  His writings are illustrated with stories and photographs which familiarize readers with baseball’s forgotten Negro stars through primary source research obtained during his many years of dedication to this topic.  In addition to books he owns copyrights for poems and a movie script. He is a true American griot and 40 years of presenting in the Negro League genre hasn’t dulled his pursuit for greater knowledge.

Dixon left home at age-17 to pursue a musical career.  He traveled the mid-west and Southern Chitlin' Circuit and journaled his experiences. He returned to Kansas City where he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. His free-lance writing for the African American owned Kansas City Call led to a major league press pass, which eventually landed him a job with the American League Kansas City Royals where he worked in Public Relations.  In 1990 he co-founded the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Phil is the husband of Dr. (Kerry) his wife of 36 years, and father of three HBCU college graduates who represent: (Langston, Howard and Fisk).  Dixon, a Kansan at birth, now makes his home in Missouri with the wife, the children, his trumpet and album collection while eagerly awaiting his weekly edition of the Kansas City Call.

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